Saturday, April 28, 2012

9. Meager Initial Attempts at a Logo

Engineers aren't often known for their artistic abilities, but here are a few meager attempts at logos.

The one above is what I have added as the background of the blog. If you are reading on a wide enough screen, it might be visible. If you're reading it on a Smartphone or iPad, you may only see edges or none of it at all.

The one below is the one that I added as a profile picture for now for the Facebook (which has a misspelling in the address due to creating the Facebook page on my iPad) and Twitter profiles.
I will gladly accept other ideas and suggestions for some better logos. Just leave a comment down below or send an email to Entreprenuclear "At gee mail dot com" (typed as of course).

For some better examples of artistic ability relating to Nuclear Energy, go check out Pop Atomic or go read about this rather fascinating individual, James Acord, (also, a very interesting article about him here).

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