Tuesday, April 24, 2012

7. A Short TV Programming Note

At 10 pm, April 25th, "Electric Nation" aired on PBS. This program included a very short tour of Watts Bar Nuclear Plant's Unit 1.  I believe this link will allow watching the program online in the future, but it was having technical difficulties at the time I copied and pasted the address.  Here is a preview.

I have not gotten to preview the episode or anything and cannot vouch for its content, but my unverified assumption is that it will at the very least help point out just how important electricity is and how useful it is.

We far too often take electricity for granted. This Friday (4/27) marks the first anniversary of the record-breaking string of tornados that swept through portions of the Southeastern U.S. (which is where I happen to reside). That series of storms provided an unpleasant reminder of how important electricity is to our modern, first-world way of life here in America.

So, if you aren't busy tomorrow night, take the time to be educated a little by watching the special on PBS. Or if you're rather busy like me, record it on your DVR of choice to watch later. Hopefully the program will be devoid of any significant political slants.

Oh, and a solid rule of thumb, always be sure to check your local listings.  The program could re-air sometime, or it may be placed online, in which case I will add a link to this posting.

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