Friday, April 20, 2012

6. Entreprenuclear-Related News

Westinghouse is now making some significant progress in placing themselves firmly into the middle of the SMR competition. (Here's their page.)

Dan Yurman has posted about this over at the ANS Nuclear Cafe.

Will Davis posted about it over at Atomic Power News.

That makes 3 separate sites that should have now been identified for initial implementations of various SMR designs: Clinch River in East Tennessee for B&W's mPower, Callaway in Missouri for the Westinghouse SMR, and the Savannah River Site in South Carolina as a possible SMR Park housing each of the Gen4 Module, the NuScale SMR, and the Holtec SMR.

Additionally, these design efforts have some backing from major players in the EPC world.  The Holtec SMR effort is being assisted by Shaw.  B&W's mPower is receiving design help from Bechtel.  NuScale is partially owned by Fluor.

Let this serve as proof.  Nuclear Entrepreneurs do exist.

Also, private investments in Peaceful Nuclear Energy do exist. 

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