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15. Proliferating Abundance; Memorial Day and the Atom; and Iran

I. Proliferating Abundance

The overarching goal here at Entreprenuclear is to push towards increasing energy abundance for the people of the world, via Peaceful Atomic Energy.  Some might question my usage of the term "proliferate" due to the subject of its most common usage, but I decided to use it anyway.

In general, people who have their needs met are considerably less likely to seek out a fight than those who have unmet needs.  Some people might wish to argue that point (which was prefaced by "in general"), but I doubt the arguments would contain much logic nor be very convincing.  There are people in this world who would either seek out an argument or a fight solely for the sake of engaging in an argument or fight.

So, what have I started rambling about here?  Basically, the following should be more or less true:

MORE access to Peaceful Atomic Energy to MORE people across the world will lead to MORE needs met and LESS conflict.

With access to adequate supplies of energy, virtually any other physical needs can be feasibly met.  Some people even refer to energy as the "Master Resource", and rightfully so in my opinion.  In terms of long-term supply, nuclear energy far surpasses the capabilities of any other energy source that has been demonstrated to date from what I can tell.  Fissile and fertile nuclear fuel unconstrained by bad actors (generically speaking) should be capable of providing energy needs for the global population (approaching about 9 billion people by around 2050).

My goal is to see more and more people's needs being met, so that they have less and less justification to engage in combat.

II. Memorial Day and the Atom

In the U.S.A., Memorial Day is a great time to remember those that have given their lives to allow America as a nation to have a level of freedom that is likely unmatched in human history.  America's level of freedom has allowed for almost innumerable innovations that have advanced the way people can live their lives.  Some of these advances have directly contributed to ending slavery and to lessening gender inequalities within the developed world.  While we (America, that is) have many times squandered the advantages granted by that freedom, it would be difficult to argue against America's freedom being a GREAT thing from an overall vantage point.

Many have written about how usage of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki greatly reduced the overall loss of both American and Japanese lives by being a primary factor in bringing a prompt end to World War II (along with coinciding closely with the Soviet invasion of Manchuria).
Here is an example.  And from a blog that popped up via a Google search.

Thus, Japan's prompt surrender, resulting in large part from the massive force of the atomic bomb, caused a much smaller number of Americans to need to be remembered on Memorial Day since 1945 than if utilizing the atom had not been achieved (perhaps even my very own paternal grandfather who was able to return to America later on in the fall of 1945; these 2 "Stars and Stripes" issues were his).  

Prompt Surrender

But moving forward to the future, Peaceful Atomic Energy should have a much, much greater impact than any threats of nuclear war on reducing the number of people who will need to be Memorialized (worldwide) for giving their lives in defending their nation's freedom.

III. Iran

How does Iran fit into this discussion?  Well, Iran is presently engaged in a nuclear program.  I say simply nuclear program because the whole crux of the issue with Iran is that there are major questions regarding whether Iran truly wishes solely to develop Peaceful Atomic Energy, which is fully commendable in my opinion,  or whether they are additionally covertly developing Nuclear Weapons capabilities which could be actually be palatable, if only Iran were a more mature actor overall as a sovereign nation.  Iran's present immaturity is likely partially attributable to international interventions within their country (including the United States squandering our advantages at times in the past) particularly over the last 60 years (which happens to coincide with the Nuclear Era; see also 1953).

With a lower degree of international intervention over the past 60 years, it would have been entirely possible that Iran would be acting mature enough today that them possessing their own nuclear armament would not cause a great number of nations around the world to have extreme heartburn.  As it is, however, the fact that Uranium enriched to 27% (above 20% is when Uranium begins to be classified as "highly enriched") was found last week in Iran is quite troublesome.

I would love to see Iran forego what they see as their right to enrich Uranium and to sign on to some long-term international nuclear fuel supply deals (with enrichment services provided by countries with existing well-proven capabilities), possibly with the chance to revisit whether they can enrich their own uranium several decades down the road (20-30 years) if they can prove themselves to be an adequately mature actor on the international scene.  I doubt that will be the outcome of the presently ongoing negotiations, but it is what I would prefer to see.

Loosely concluding this 3 section posting, I would like to see Peaceful Atomic Energy be used in increasing amounts around the world to lessen the resource constraints that are being faced at present and that will be exacerbated even further in the future.  This should allow more people's needs to be met and to have less of a reason to engage in conflict for dwindling resources.

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