Wednesday, May 16, 2012

13. Comments, Feedback, and Discussion Welcome at Entreprenuclear

Here at Entreprenuclear, feedback will remain welcome and appreciated.

I was glad to receive several comments on the recent "Spent" Fuel Pool/Vault (no, not pole vault) thoughts. Getting feedback is a primary method I plan to use to attain continuous improvement. I am also grateful for the several tweets with links to that post that I came across.
Pole Vaulting

The commenter from Areva made a nice simplifying suggestion for renaming spent fuel pools as "Future Fuel Vaults", or FFVs. Also, a former coworker (and still jokester) made the NON-serious hot tub suggestion, which has almost motivated me to attempt to research what the typical Ph level of a Spent Fuel Pool is.

A further comment in particular along with my past experience in regards to commenting on blogs and reading comments from others, has motivated me to go ahead and establish some guidelines for commenting here at Entreprenuclear.

Guide to Entreprenuclear Commenting:
1. Please be civil (especially if posting anonymously).

2. Do not use profanity (my mother has already read at least one posting here).

3. If you disagree that nuclear power is extremely beneficial and has enormous untapped future potential, please present sound reasoning for your disagreement (imaginary scenarios contrary to physical possibilities may be received particularly poorly).

4. If you are commenting, at least try to add something (entrepreneurship is about ADDING value).

5. Flat out spam will not be tolerated.

6. Please at least read a post before commenting on it (that means you, Kit P.).

This is not related to my commenting policy, but if you haven't yet, go read about this MIT Study.

Happy Wednesday.

May 25th Update: No comments on this post.

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